We listened to your comments and what was most requested was an additional 40lb washer.  
I have just finished installing a new 40lb washer and the last of the old top-loaders have been replaced also.  Enjoy.
new 40 lb washer

The last piece of our master upgrade plan is to install a nice floor.  It took three all-nighters and now it is done.  Well, not so fast.  Turns out Columbia River carpet One used water based glue that does not work so well in a laundromat.  I sure hope they are able to fix the problems.

Finally I have finished updating the folding tables.  They look great


We have started updating the folding tables


Finally those nasty plastic red seats have gone, replaced with handmade benches


All the dryers have been upgraded to state of the are high efficiency dryers


A customer accidentally drove right into the laundry wall.  Luckily no one was hurt.


kids reading

What a joy to see the kids reading the books we supply

New Tops

3 big machines

sock signsign

Some of the big Machines for comforters and other bulky items